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Here's custom content I've created for The Sims 2. If you use it to make a story/pics/etc. please post a link to my LJ and give me credit. Do not upload my Sims to any site or the Exchange. You may upload your own Sims using my custom content and you may upload my content with your own modifications but if you do, please give me credit by linking to this post.


DISCLAIMER: there is always the risk that custom content could screw up your game and force you to reinstall. Back up your game before you install any of these files.

In the lists of zip file contents and mesh sources below, when an item uses a mesh from an Expansion Pack (shown by an icon next to the file in the .zip and in the sources list) then you must have that Expansion Pack installed in order for that item to work in your game.

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Intro Post

This journal is roughly 50% public, 50% f-locked. I don't mind if you add me, you don't have to ask first, but I don't always add other people back. It depends on whether I already have a lot of reading on my f-list, whether we have enough in common that I think we'd get along, whether you post interesting stuff and above all what mood I happen to be in that day. So please don't take it personally if I don't add you back.

no posts showing up on my feed

My friends page/feed isn't showing any posts. I tried the new version and that didn't work either. I'll check again later.

new Night Vale tomorrow!

Aw, WTNV has slipped into 3rd place for highest-ranked podcasts on iTunes, after This American Life and now Radiolab. Still pretty damned impressive.

I just checked but the new ep isn't up yet. I thought maybe it'd be up since it's after midnight in NYC.

Also news from Jeffrey Cranor:

- they've cast a new, Latino actor for Carlos. I got the impression Jeffrey did it himself to begin with just because it was convenient and they weren't expecting it to get huge and start having live shows and all that. I was wondering how they'd handle that, since although it's not stated explicitly in the show, the creators have said Carlos is Latino. So that's cool.

Here's what he said about it, which I think is great:
It sucks that there’s a white straight male (me), playing a gay man of color (Carlos). Look, I know it’s a voiceover, but it’s not just that. We do live stage shows, and that’s a visible role for a PoC. Plus, fans often google the actors who play each character, and what does a Latino/Latina teen think when my face might pop up (or worse, no image pops up) as the actor playing Carlos? What am I doing voicing this major character when there are so many talented, gay, Latino or Hispanic men who can/should be doing it? Why didn’t I think of all of this before ep 16? I don’t know.

But here I am: standing in the way of a actor of color getting paid acting work, and I don’t want to do that since I am neither a PoC nor an actor.
- they're going to record Condos as an episode! That was the live show they did in CA (not sure where else they performed it). Not going to spoil it but there's a plot development in it and it's a good story, it'll be cool to see how it turns out as an episode (because iirc the live show was longer than the usual 28ish minutes for an episode).

Lastly: would anyone here be interested in a Night Vale LJ comm? I'm thinking of starting one.

welp, I've deleted my Tumblr

It was getting on my nerves, I always had to scroll past dozens of posts I didn't care about - Supernatural gifsets, I am looking in your direction - and a few things I actively didn't want to see like thinspiration pictures. I used Blacklist but that doesn't work if people post images with no text.

The last straw was when someone - I don't remember why I followed them, it could have been someone who followed me first and I just followed back - posted a gif of a man shooting himself. It was really upsetting. Sometimes people post things from movies and other people mistake it for something real and get mad - there was one screenshot from a Batman movie that kept coming up like that - but this looked pretty real. more details, behind a cut so you can skip them if you want, because I'm not an asshole unlike some people on TumblrCollapse ) Whether it was fake or not, 1. the person who originally posted it and the person who reblogged it and I saw it, they both seemed to think it was real. I was pretty angry about it, I sent them a message and made a post about it on my Tumblr without naming them. And 2. all they had to do was put it behind a "read more" (which works like an LJ cut), or just put text or tags that Blacklist or Tumblr Saviour could use to block that post for people who don't want to see violent images like that.

I was getting really fed up with Tumblr anyway. I could almost say it's worse than Reddit because at least Reddit has rules and moderators. If you want violent pictures, there are subredits for that but if somebody posted that in /r/AdviceAnimals or /r/funny, it would get deleted very quickly.

That was just the last straw but it's been bugging me how disorganized Tumblr is in general; the only way to get some kind of organization is by using tags and half the people on there are like "I'm too lazy to use tags LOL." Along with "I'm too lazy to source art that I repost." And all the in-fighting. I followed one person who said really insightful things about race but then I discovered she was making about 100 posts a day, most of them just fighting with trolls (if someone sends you a message, you don't have to respond in public like that but she chose to), and if anybody unfollowed her she called them out in a public post and said "[username] is a racist." So I guess I'm a racist too because I unfollowed her! If Reddit is the home of asshole teen-to-twentysomething boys on the internet, Tumblr is that for girls. There were some cool people too but they were outnumbered.

I guess I shouldn't have been on Tumublr in the first place, it seems like it's pretty much Instagram but you can have text posts too. That's not what I want, I want something where you can have a conversation. It's too bad there's no Night Vale comm on here though, that's pretty much the only reason I stayed on Tumblr as long as I did.
Dang, almost a month.

I'm getting fed up with Tumblr. Too many people saying "Pluto is so a planet!" and people saying they want to not go to school and just sit in a coffee shop and read books (like, OK, that's fun but we need to have jobs too), and all the SJW infighting.

But too many people are migrating away from LJ, including me.

Anyway, I'm still here, I don't intend to delete my LJ any time soon. I actually logged on to update my list of major events in my life each year (see my year-in-review tag). But I probably won't be posting a lot any more.

whoops I'm out of candy

Should've bought one more bag.

I handed out 58 though. That's kind of a lot!

having a good time!

I considered not handing out candy but then I got home from the lab and decided "eh, might as well" so I put up the decorations.

And I'm glad I did! It's fun seeing all the happy kids in their costumes.

Three kids were dressed as Minecraft avatars with swords and diamond pickaxes. And I was all "Minecraft! Awesome!" and they said this was the first house where someone knew what they were. I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. (I am not actually a mom)

This is also the cool house because I'm giving out those caramel apple lollipops.

wooo Halloween!

I have lollipops to hand out - the caramel apple ones, and I've only eaten 6 of them myself - and I put up my decorations so I'm all set.

I got the essential Cthulhu mythos collection on Kindle so I'll probably read that for some spooky atmosphere. Maybe watch Sweeney Todd, that's the only Halloween-y DVD I have.

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